Core Patterns Complete Series (9 audio downloads and 9 pdf files)


This complete set includes all nine of the Core Pattern in the Series in MP3 format, including a FREE copy of the Overview MP3 + Overview PDF! Each of the nine core patterns contains a one hour audio talk and each pattern is accompanied by a PDF with a circular diagram of the core pattern, an explanation of the development of this core pattern, and all applicable interventions to exit the destructive dance. (See product description for more information).


This complete set includes all nine of the Attachment Core Pattern Therapy lectures, including a FREE copy of the audio download Growing Out of Your Core Pattern (Stages of Growth). Each of the nine core patterns contains a one hour audio file along with a detailed PDF file. Therapist will find these core pattern PDF’s to be a great handout for clients.

Each of the 9 PDF files is (13-22) pages depending on the combination). Each of the nine files contains:

  • A diagram of the Core Pattern.
  • Bullet point descriptions of each love style.
  • An explanation of the initial attraction.
  • Explanation of each person’s experience when the core pattern is activated in the relationship.
  • Common complaints caused by the collision of two love styles
  • Individual growth steps for each style.
  • Interventions to exit the core pattern at each step of the repetitive cycle.

When two of these problematic love styles collide in adult romantic relationship couples are unwittingly re-creating a primary attachment relationship similar to their family of origin. Eventually, when the facades begin to disappear and conflict ensues, a core pattern of reactivity begins to form which becomes a repetitive fight or way of interacting that repeats over and over. These core patterns are unexplored, automatic, predictable and as so far as the couple goes, involuntary. Interventions are targeted at helping each person see their part of the destructive dance and using a comfort circle to create a new successful pattern of relating.

We prefer to see couples together (not individually) as these reactive patterns are best observed when couples are interacting and regulation is best learned within the primary attachment relationship.

Therapists will find this a great handout for clients.

  1. Core Pattern Overview mp3 + pdf (FREE)
  2. Vacillator–Controller mp3 + pdf
  3. Vacillator–Avoider mp3 + pdf
  4. Vacillator–Vacillator mp3 + pdf
  5. Vacillator–Pleaser mp3 + pdf
  6. Avoider–Pleaser mp3 + pdf
  7. Controller–Victim mp3 + pdf
  8. Avoider-Avoider & Pleaser-Pleaser mp3 + pdf
  9. Avoider-Controller mp3 + pdf

Each lecture in the ACPT series comes with a downloadable PDF, which includes a graph of the Core Pattern and all applicable interventions.


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