“Milan and Kay’s impact with their book and video series How We Love was absolutely powerful with couples and singles in our church. It is obvious that their work in their own marriage, years of helping hundreds of couples in their counseling office, and sage wisdom came together to produce a work that is both practical and understandable to the average couple.”
— Eric C. Heard
Pastor of Spiritual Growth and Men's Ministry, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA
“An enjoyable and healthy life is hard to attain without a viable sewage system in place. The "Comfort Circle" tool has hauled away much garbage that has made my life secretly stink!! Now, truth and grace have ways to refresh and renew my soul, just as Psalm 23:4 describes: "He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness, for His name’s sake." Self-awareness is essential to that awakening process for growth and health. Thank God for Milan and Kay.”
— Melinda Jih
"My husband and I have been reading your book How We Love and it is changing our lives..and our marriage! As if you didn't already know. God has Blessed you both with a testimony that will help thousands of couples all over the world. We can't thank you enough for being brave and humble enough to share your stories...because through that, you are helping so many other people. I actually heard you both speak on Focus on the Family...I went home immediately and ordered your book. I couldn't get it soon enough! My husband and I are reading it together and the walls are crumbling. We honestly can't wait to get to the end so we can see what God will do with and through the both of us. We were praying that God would continue to show us where we need help and that's when I heard you both speaking on the radio. Words alone cannot express our gratitude for your help in healing our wounds. If we never have the opportunity to meet you both here on earth...we will KNOW you both in Heaven!"
— Eric & Emily White
"Just wanted to let you know how much God has used your ministry to change my life. I spent 5 1/2 years in prison for sales and possession of cocaine when I was 25. I am now 46 and read your book about 4 years ago which taught me what I was missing and how to be comforted. I have been an avid lover for 20 year in learning how i made the mistakes that cost me so much and have committed my life in helping others keep from making mistakes in their own life. I work at a residential treatment center for at risk kids for the last 12 years. There is so much i would love to share but I just wanted to let you know how much I thank God for your ministry and Pray God will use it to bring wholeness and healing that is so desperately needed in our world."
— Mike
"Attending your 'How We Love' workshop gave us hope. Reading How We Love and spending time in the workbook brought help and healing. We look forward to your weekly newsletter and feel like you have given us hours of free counseling through them. Thank you so much."
— Nolan & Kitty Allen
Ventura, CA
"If you were lost in a forest, the single most important piece of information you could give in order to be rescued would be your exact location. Before relationships can be improved, you've got to know where you're at as an individual and/or a couple. "How We Love" does just that. It pinpoints exactly where you're at and then provides the necessary tools to move on towards healthier ways of interacting with others."
— JC Butterfield
"Having gone thru this study with ten other couples over the last two years we have seen wonderful life changing results. Thank you Milan & Kay for sharing these powerful insights and helping to improve marriages within our church body."
— Becky Butterfield
"I just finished a “How We Love Our Kids” study through the Treasured study at Saddleback Church. How We Love Our Kids has been one of the most influential books I've ever read (and I read a ton!). I now understand myself, and the way I relate to my children, in a whole new way. I realized that my son's traumatic birth, and resulting challenges, have caused me to relate to both of my children out of fear. I have made some easy changes in the way I interact with my kids and I am experiencing some amazing results already! My kids are cuddlier, happier, more connected and I am calmer and enjoying them so much more! Thank you, Milan and Kay, for your wisdom and for sharing it with me! My family will be better as a result!"
— Meredith Barr
Trabuco Canyon, CA
"God bless you and your ministry. How We Love has helped me so much! Knowing that I am a Pleaser helps me understand myself better and gives me a framework to be aware of my fears when I interact with my husband. I can then takes steps to grow, change and love in a more healthy way! Understanding our styles, helps me not take our difficult interactions personally. I realize now neither of us are trying to be difficult. Now, I don’t attack him and I am less critical of myself. Your book helped me discover we are broken people and we were reacting to each others brokenness. Now I am in a more compassionate place and find myself more patient with both myself and him."
— Nancy
"I have been divorced and I'm happily married almost 20 years to my second husband - this time as a Christian. In my education and work experience as a therapist, I have searched for a clear, concise tool to explain family dysfunction and a lasting plan of action with hope for healing. You can imagine how excited I was to find your book! It and you both have been a Godsend in my own life and to those who we intersect with in need of the information so well done in your book and newsletters! I give it to as many people as I can and forward your newsletter to everyone I know! Thanks for putting in the effort and sharing such treasure!"
— Laurie Joyce