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Attachment Core Pattern Therapy (APCT) provides a road map for helping couples overcome their relationship struggles and move out of the repetitive dance that occurs when their attachment histories collide. Initially, most couples can describe their Core Pattern; a repetitive, reactive interchange that happens over and over. They just cannot seem to change the pattern.

Many therapists try to modify the symptoms and complaints generated by this frustrating dance without understanding and addressing its roots. These tenacious cycles are created as each partner’s attachment injuries collide in marriage. In our approach (ACPT), we help couples define their attachment wounds that drive this cycle and recognize the source of their reactivity.

When couples can see the Core Pattern as the enemy rather than each other, a shift takes place. We also focus on helping each partner understand the childhood wounds that form these reactive Love Styles, increasing insight and compassion between the couple.

Breaking out of the Core Pattern and moving toward secure connection is the goal of ACPT Couples’ Therapy. All individuals, whether single, married or divorced can identify their attachment style, deepen their self-awareness, and understand why they react in predictable ways.

HWL ACPT Network
HWL ACPT Network

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is using How We Love to help others. Licensed Therapists, Lay Counselors, Pastoral Counselors, Coaches, Teachers, or Group Leaders.

What are the requirements?

Required courses can be purchased on the How We Love website.

Step 1: Complete the two online courses

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Step 2: Have additional training:

Membership Requirements for Licensed Therapists:

Membership Requirements for Coaches, Pastoral Counselors, Lay Counselors, and Teachers:

Membership Requirements for Group Leader(s) and Couples Ministering Together:

Length and Cost of Membership:

Joining the ACPT Network requires a 12-month commitment at $359 $259 for the first year (Limited time offer).

Included in this fee is a monthly webinar exclusively for helpers designed to support your work. If you would like to cancel your membership you can do so at anytime however, there will be no refund for the remaining months. In your HWL Account, you can set the membership to auto-renew, or you can turn off auto-renew and manually renew. If you have auto-renew turned on, the credit card on file will be used to continue your membership so be sure your credit card information is up to date.

Since our network is new, we cannot guarantee you will receive clients from people using our referral system. The webinar is offered at no additional cost as assurance you will receive something for your investment (see below). Please contact us if you are providing free services and are truly unable to afford the full price of the membership fee. We will try to work with you on providing a discount.

NOTE: Remember, we have continual costs to run the website and keep the quiz free for everyone.

Individual Leader Webinars

If you would like to purchase the monthly Leader Webinars (included free with subscription – $348 in value) without the subscription you can do so below.

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Jousline Savra is a Marriage & Family Therapist. Listen to her talk about the How We Love model and how she’s used it for the past 10+ years.

Agreement to Client Reviews

Since we have no method of assessing the competence of the therapists, coaches, or leaders listed on our website, be advised clients will have the opportunity to review and comment on their experience with you as their helper. As a result, you should expect both positive and negative reviews over time. Milan and Kay Yerkovich, Milan and Kay Resources Incorporated, and the How We Love Website cannot be liable for any reviews you receive. You may not have reviews removed, but you may have your membership deactivated if you wish. We have cautioned potential clients using the network that a great therapist may have a bad review as clients may get angry when they are confronted or asked to take responsibility for their part of their problems. If a client or group member loves your services, ask them to leave a positive review.

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What benefits are included in the referral listing?

Webinars for Therapist, Coaches, Lay Counselors, and Leaders
Each member of our referral listing will be eligible to attend a monthly webinar designed for therapists, leaders, and coaches.

What’s the procedure for being on the referral list?

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