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How to get started with our new church group study:

  1. Purchase your video access – either $50 for 3-months usage (quarterly) to complete 9 sessions  OR Annual usage for $150 (access for one account only).  See Access Duration below and choose an option and add to cart.  After you purchase the streaming video, it will be stored in the account of the purchaser on this site. NOTE: there is a training video prior to each week for your leaders or facilitators so that they are prepared for different situations.
  2. Purchase your Leader Guide or multiple guides depending on how many leaders you have. The cost is $25 each and is in hardcopy form (no digital option available) and it includes all of the participant guide content along with the leader notes and the pages coincide so each leader only need one leader guide and no participant guide as it is built into the leader guide.
  3. Purchase the number of participant guides based on the number of projected participants.  The cost of the participant guide is $20 each hardcopy (no digital option available)
  4. We highly recommend that you also purchase our How We Love book $11.99 if your participants don’t already have it, because the book goes into deeper detail for the best understanding of the material.

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This study helps put our book, How We Love: Discover Your Love Style, Enhance your Marriage into practice.

What do you need for the Church Group Study?

  • Group Leaders: Each leader will need the Video Content, a Leader’s Guide and a copy of the book, How We Love. (NOTE: The Participant Guide is included in Leader’s Guide.)  After purchase the video is stored and accessed on this website in the account of the purchaser. It is available to be viewed in a streaming format for the time period selected during purchase.
  • Group Participants: Each group member needs their own Participant Guide and a copy of the book, How We Love.

What is the Content and Length of the Study? 

We published the book, How We Love, to strengthen marriages, but the Attachment research we drew on and the solutions we developed are capable of enhancing any type of relationship. Your Love Style – or Attachment Style – is primarily activated and expressed in your closest relationships, often marriage or a serious dating relationship. It can also be expressed between friends, boss and employer, or parent and child.

This study will explain five broken Attachment Styles, or Love Styles, that prevent intimacy and effective communication in relationships. Through understanding our Love Styles, we can seek healing, develop skills, and grow in wisdom and maturity — becoming more like Christ. (Ephesians 4:13-16). As group members gain wisdom and insight about their imprint and the way it influences their relationships, this new knowledge will give participants a starting point for using our primary tool: The Comfort Circle. Ultimately, we want participants to become a Secure Connector.

We believe that this study will not only strengthen marriages but also prevent divorce. We know this material also helps singles. For those that have never been married this is an opportunity to better understand the frustrating patterns in their dating relationships and for those who are divorced, they can better understand why previous marriages did not work out and how they can approach marriage differently.

The study has 9 sessions – two videos per session as well as a training video per session for leaders/facilitators and our recommended “best practices” document to help your church maximize impact of the program. As with most successful programs, the more intentional you are about the process, the more people grow and improve their marriage and relationships over time.

Study Breakdown:

  • SESSION ONE – Introduction: Key Elements to a Successful Relationship
  • SESSION TWO – Early Development and Its Effects on Adult Relationships
  • SESSION THREE – Understanding Love Styles: The Avoider and the Pleaser
  • SESSION FOUR – Understanding Love Styles: The Vacillator and Core Patterns
  • SESSION FIVE – Understanding Love Styles: The Chaotic (Controller/Victim)
  • SESSION SIX – Triggers, Growth Goals, and the Comfort Circle
  • SESSION SEVEN – The Comfort Circle: Seek Awareness and Engage
  • SESSION EIGHT – The Comfort Circle: Explore and Resolve
  • SESSION NINE – When Past and Present Collide: Relating as Adults in Our Families of Origin

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