How We Love For Singles (Individual Use)


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This product includes a three-hour streaming video of a live workshop presented to singles on the concepts in How We Love. It includes the seven sections listed below. Purchase price includes a 26-page syllabus used during the workshop. The syllabus will be available to download from your How We Love account and the streaming download will be saved in your account as well after purchase so you can view it anytime you wish. This product does NOT include a group curriculum or discussion questions.

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What does the content cover?

  • Session 1: How Our Early Years Impact Adult Relationships
  • Session 2: The Love Styles of the Avoider and Pleaser
  • Session 3: The Love Styles of the Vacillator, Controller and Victim. When Histories Collide in Adult Relationships
  • Session 4: Initial Attractions and Later Frustrations
  • Session 5: Growth Goals for Each Love Style
  • Session 6: The Secure Connector, Learning to Identify and Manage Triggers and The Comfort Circle
  • Session 7: Question and Answers

What will you need?

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  1. The Streaming Video How We Love for Singles (Individual use)
  2. The Syllabus: Milan and Kay Use this document as they teach through the Video. It will be available as a PDF after purchase.

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