New How We Love Group Church Study

We believe healing and growth takes place in community. For this reason, we desire to equip pastors and church leaders with the tools and training needed to help individuals, couples and parents in their church find healing and retrain their love. Explore our new resource below.

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We believe that you’ll be very happy with our new content and that this new Church Study is a critical step to help people understand the source of their reactivity in their marriages and all relationships. When you understand the roots of this frustrating repetitive pattern that blocks close connections, you can begin to move to harmony as God intended. We go beyond theory to practical application and provide a clear road map of growth steps.

We are always thrilled when we find church partners willing to commit to the entire process beginning with senior leadership going through the study, which helps with impact when offered to the congregation. Leaders, like the rest of us, need to invest in their own marriages and relationships and after experiencing the material personally, leaders will recognize how life changing this study is.

Inevitably, some couples will run into walls and they will need one-on-one help especially those with trauma in their background. So, we also want to help train professional and lay counselors in your community who can use this process by taking our online course Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™ (ACPT) training.

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