Core Pattern: Complete Series PDF’s Only (No Audio Files)


Core Patterns describe how a couple’s Love Styles collide and create a predictable, reactive Core Pattern that creates most of the problems couples describe. We have included far more information in these downloads than we could include in the book. This product is a set of nine PDF files, one for each core pattern. Each file has a diagram of the Core Pattern with explanations of the predictable interactions and all applicable interventions to move out of these destructive, reactive cycles. For therapists, these are useful for handouts to clients.

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A set of nine PDF files, one for each Core Pattern. These files contain additional information and resources that could not be included in the book. Each file includes a diagram of the core pattern, a detailed explanation of each step of the repetitive cycle as well as growth goals and interventions at each step to exit the Core Pattern. PDF only, no audio.

This complete PDF set includes:

  1. Core Pattern Overview (FREE)
  2. Vacillator+Controller
  3. Vacillator+Pleaser
  4. Vacillator+Vacillator
  5. Vacillator+Avoider
  6. Avoider+Pleaser
  7. Controller+Victim
  8. Avoider+Avoider and Pleaser+Pleaser
  9. Avoider+Controller

Note to therapists: These are great handouts for your clients. You may duplicate these for your clients as long as you leave the copyright and website headings on the files.


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