Couples Therapy Intensive Video with Milan and Kay


Watch couples’ therapy filmed during a three-day intensive session by session. Our wonderful couple, Brian and Cheri, gave us permission to film so you could have an up close look at how Milan and Kay use their unique therapy approach with couples. We call our method Attachment Core Pattern Therapy, ACPT ™.

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Brian and Cheri, like most couples, could describe their Core Pattern; a repetitive, reactive interchange that happens over and over. Many therapists try to modify the symptoms and complaints generated by this frustrating dance without understanding and addressing the roots. These tenacious cycles are created as each spouse’s attachment injuries collide in marriage. In our approach (Attachment Core Pattern Therapy™) we help couples define the attachment wounds that drive the cycle and recognize the source of their reactivity.

This product contains 16 sessions filmed over a three-day period. Access to all of the videos is available upon purchase. The beginning of each session includes a summary of the last session as well as observations and insights from Milan and Kay about the direction they are taking as the intensive progresses.

Your purchase includes:

  • 16 sessions (video)
  • Personal Client Intake form to be filled out by each spouse upon arrival (PDF) *does not include the informed consent
  • Couples’ Summary for an intensive to be filled out by therapist and sent to couple upon completion of intensive (PDF)
  • How We Love Syllabus used during the intensive with Brian and Cheri (PDF) *more syllabi are available to purchase for group viewing

Goals of an intensive:

An intensive is not meant to be a quick fix. Rather, it is meant to be a catalyst or “jump start” to promote change. Lasting growth involves a commitment to address needed changes and to keep practicing what was learned in the intensive. The best progress is made when both individuals focus on themselves and make a commitment to grow as individuals.

  • Couple takes the Love Style Quiz and we help assess the individual Love Styles.
  • Help each spouse identify the childhood origins of their Love Style and understand how early experiences carry into their relationship as adults.
  • Identify problematic dynamics (Core Pattern) created by the colliding histories of each partner in their current relationship.
  • Identify triggers: Discover the childhood experiences and feelings that are activated in the current relationship causing reactivity (Fight flight, freeze or other behaviors).
  • Increase compassion as childhood wounds are explored.
  • Bring awareness to each person’s stress response. This involves increasing awareness of how stress is manifested by each person and learning to offer comfort to a spouse when they are stressed rather than react.
  • Coach the couple through a holding time for each partner.
  • Practice the Comfort Circle from the beginning of the first session. Teach the art of extended listening using a list of Soul Words and a Comfort Circle Guide for the Listener as helpful tools. These pages are included in the Syllabus for this product.

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