About My Art

If you visited our house, you would notice I love color. There is not a white wall anywhere. I also love flowers and all the shapes and beauty in nature. Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. My collage process was born out of mistakes. I would paint a painting and love part of it but not another. In the trash it would go. One day I thought, why not cut out the parts I like and trash the rest? I started playing around with the cut out watercolor art and a new process was born. It is more labor intensive, but I love the look. I do not care for watercolors framed under glass. Even non glare glass dulls the vibrancy, so I experimented with mounting finished pieces onto canvas; no glass, light weight, and ready to hang… thanks to Milan’s help. Although I use artist grade paint and acid free matte board fading is possible over time. It is best to hang watercolor paintings away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Recently I have expanded into acrylic paint and collage. All my papers for acrylic painting and collage are handmade and I love the textures I get with this process.

Shipping Cost

Prices listed for the art do not include shipping. Shipping costs more for ready to hang art but you do not have the cost of materials to matte and frame the art. I can give estimates for packing and shipping costs according to the size of the finished piece and the distance the art is traveling to a new home. Shipping bigger pieces of art on canvas can cost from $50 to $90 dollars due to double boxing and the higher price of sturdy boxes. Unframed watercolors are shipped in a poster tube which is less expensive but remember to think about framing cost. Hobby Lobby does a decent job of framing and any frame in their store is half price if you use their services. If you are interested in a piece and want more information about a particular piece of art or shipping estimates you can email me at [email protected]. Each piece is listed by number so please include the number of the piece in any inquiry.