Learning to Reset the World’s Programming (July 2023)


Over the decades, we’ve heard from thousands of couples who struggle sexually and throw their hands up in desperation. Kay and I have lectured extensively on the topic of sex and share the story of our own frustrations and the steps we took to grow into successful sexual fulfillment. Come join us as we get up close and personal.

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Why is Satisfying Sex So Difficult to Achieve and Maintain? Webinar Series: Learning to Reset the World’s Programming
Recorded on July 6, 2023

Just like the operating system on your computer downloaded at the factory’s assembly line, we too were sexually programmed on the assembly line of human development, events, and influences from the world, especially our family of origin. In this webinar we will explore our programming and learn of God’s desires for a new sexual mindset that will yield greater sexual fulfillment. This includes a list of questions for you to explore history with your spouse.

  • Who programmed our sexuality?
    – Our sin nature gravitates toward the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life.
    – FOO: Exploring You Childhood History regarding Sex.
    – The power of culture: World, Hollywood, peers.
  • Sex is holy and highly regarded by God to illustrate the intimate relationship between Christ and the Church. Satan’s deception is to make it unholy and for that to be the norm.
  • We need to take God seriously. Do His opinions matter to me? He is the creator of biological sex, male and female, and the sexuality between the two as husband and wife. We are created in His image and likeness as relational and emotional creatures. He promises blessings upon those who honor His creation and consequences if we don’t.