How We Love Seminar Video (Digital)


The newly recorded 6-hour How We Love Seminar is now available in streaming video for the first time ever! This comes with the class syllabus used in the workshop and you will be able to download it from a link in your receipt. Purchase now and start streaming immediately!

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Learn how your early life experiences create an imprint of intimacy – or love style – a blueprint that shapes your behavior, beliefs and expectations in all your relationships, especially marriage.

  • Discover your love style and the root of your marriage problems.
  • Identify and change the core pattern in your marriage that blocks intimacy and satisfying emotional connection.
  • Learn about the comfort circle and how to use it to facilitate deep conversations.
  • Watch Milan & Kay work with a couple as they each listen to each ask the question, “What bugs you most about me?” See how extended listening takes this couple to an entirely new level of understanding, compassion, and connection.
  • Watch Milan & Kay demonstrate a holding time for couples to model. This alone can take your relationship to a whole new level.

This package includes 9 sessions that can be streamed & viewed online:

  • Session 1: Three Skills for Great Relationships
  • Session 2: Early Development: It’s Effects on Current Relationships
  • Session 3: Love Styles: The Avoider and the Pleaser
  • Session 4: Love Styles: The Vacillator & Review of Avoider, Pleaser, Vacillator
  • Session 5: Love Style of the Controller and Victim and Core Patterns
  • Session 6: Understanding Triggers and Growth Goals for Each Love Style
  • Session 7: The Comfort Circle Part 1: Anna Listens to Mark
  • Session 8: The Comfort Circle Part 2: Mark Listens to Anna
  • Session 9: Holding Time and Questions

NOTE: Subtitles are not yet available for this series, but will be added soon!


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