We will have live captioning available during the webinar. To turn captions on, click the CC button at the bottom of your Zoom screen and then click “Turn on Subtitles.” Note that the live captions will not be word-for-word like what you may be used to with pre-scripted movies and television shows. Instead, the captionist condenses what is spoken, still including all the relevant information, but in a grammatically correct format. 

In addition, or instead of, you can view the full transcript as it streams. To do this you have three different options:

If you need any information about these options, please contact Darla, our live captionist, at [email protected] before Wednesday, March 10 at 5:00 PM (PST).

The link for the full transcript is https://west.typewell.com/ffblpbgg. This will also be posted in the chat box once the webinar begins.