About Tina Swann
General Information
Tina Swann
Business name
Tina’s Mindful Growth
I'm a:
Years in formal practice
November 2022
Office address
Fee and length of time
50 min. $125 each or 4 sessions for $400
Services offered online?

Trainings and/or Certifications

Certified Inner Child Recovery Process Specialist
Certified Professional Coach,
Trained and receiving a certification Jan. 2024 in Sexual Recovery
Intimacy Anorexia Recovery
Partner Recovery

Some specialties and issues we address

I address Partner Betrayal Trauma, Intimacy Anorexia, as well as Sex Addiction.

How How We Love principles are incorporated

I am passionate about helping betrayed partners and, or a sex addicts in a holistic way, treating their marriage.
I am able to address the addiction, the pain the betrayed partner goes through, as well as intimacy Anorexia and do inner child work with sex/porn addicts.
I am qualified to dig deep into their childhood, identify pain points and help process those. In that work clients (addicts learn to identify their core emotional triggers to stop them from acting out.
Now with HWL I can incorporate how those pain points also interfere in their daily life, in their relationships.
How We Love ties everything together. Meaning, after betrayal leaning how to interact, support , heal and grow together is an amazing thing.
How we Love also helps me work with intimacy anorexics at another level.