About Susan Rice
General Information
Susan Rice
Business name
The Marriage Place
I'm a:
Years in formal practice
6 years
Office address
101 W. Renner Rd., Suite 220
Richardson, Texas, 75082
Fee and length of time
50 -80 minutes
Services offered online?

Trainings and/or Certifications

Certified Relationship Coach

Some specialties and issues we address

Marriage rescue, couples and individual coaching, grief work

How How We Love principles are incorporated

I utilize How We Love principles on a daily basis with my couples. I have found it to be eye opening for my clients when they begin to understand how their early lessons on love are impacting their relationships, and keeping them from having the love and security they so desire. I help couples identify their individual Love Styles and Core Pattern, and initially have them choose growth goals to work on. I then work with them in learning how to use tools like the Comfort Circle to begin to form a healthy, secure attachment in their marriage relationship. I have seen how this new understanding benefits the couples I work with and is often very different from other couples coaching or counseling they have done. The couples often naturally begin using HWL tools in the way they parent and how they relate to others in their life and extended family.