About Martina (Tina) Swann
General Information
Martina (Tina) Swann
Business name
I'm a:
Years in formal practice
I just started my business. However I have been coaching for almost one year
Office address
Springtown, Texas, 76082
Fee and length of time
50 min to an hour $125 or $100 in a bundle
Services offered online?

Trainings and/or Certifications

Certified professional Coach
Certified Inner Child Recovery Specialist
Training and soon AASAT certificate in Partner Betrayal Trauma
Sex Addiction
Intimacy Anorexia

Some specialties and issues we address

My specialty is Betrayel Trauma and Sex/Porn Addiction.
I also do inner child work for addicts.

How How We Love principles are incorporated

HWL really opened up my eyes to not only how our childhood triggers relapses in addiction and how a betrayed partner is more traumatized when they experienced trauma in there childhood. It’s helps couples rebuild on a more intimate lever and helps them understand better where they are coming from.
It helps build empathy, a sex addict needs to learn.
It helps build intimacy in a very non threatening way. The comfort circle should be a great tool for I A’s and sex addicts.
I can’t thank Kay and Milan enough for the knowledge and wisdom they share. I am so sorry to hear that they are slowing down.