About Lucinda Gallalee
General Information
Lucinda Gallalee
Business name
Thirst Quencher Counseling
I'm a:
Lay Counselor
Years in formal practice
Office address
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20906
Fee and length of time
$95.00 per 50-minute session
Services offered online?

Trainings and/or Certifications

Certified Biblical Counselor, Association of Biblical Counselors

Some specialties and issues we address

Marriage, trauma, sexual addiction, attachment core pattern therapy

How How We Love principles are incorporated

Working with individuals and couples, I explore attachment history and identify attachment style as fundamentals in my counseling process, including the Biblical basis for attachment theory. I encourage development of emotion acumen and awareness with soul words to begin bringing those emotions into relationship and implement the Comfort Circle and Holding Time, as appropriate, to deepen those connections and move toward more and more secure connection, both with God and others.