About Dr. Rossana Sida
General Information
Dr. Rossana Sida
Business name
Togetherness Therapy
Office address
11333 Iowa Avenue
Los Angeles, California, 90025 & 92705
License Type
License Number
Licensing Board Name
Graduate School
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Year of Licensure
Years in Practice
# of couples seen per week
Insurance companies accepted
Out of Network - Superbills provided

Additional training or certifications

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Specialties and issues most often treated

– Sex
– Sexual Dysfunctions
– Sexual Desire Mismatch
– Individual Therapy
– Couples Therapy
– Dating
– Relationships

How How We Love principles are incorporated

Having already familiarizing yourself with How We Love you are already ahead of the curve! First, I answer any questions you may have abut your love style, then we will work on what you/your partner needs to do to become secure. Throughout the time you (both) are working towards becoming a secure connector, we will identify the patterns you are currently in and seek compassion and understanding for each other. You will gain the skills needed to be able to listen to your partners difficult feelings and you both will begin to be able to talk to each other in a way that makes you both feel seen and understood.