About Dr. Jan McKee
General Information
Dr. Jan McKee
Business name
Overcomer Counseling
I'm a:
Pastoral Counselor
Years in formal practice
6 years
Office address
13542 Stone Pond Drive
Jacksonville, Florida, 32224
Fee and length of time
Sliding Scale Based on Income $90-$130
Services offered online?

Trainings and/or Certifications

Master’s Degree- Clinical Pastoral Counseling Cornerstone University 2018
Ph.D Degree- Colorado Theological Seminary 2024
NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Clinical Supervisor

Some specialties and issues we address

Understanding God’s Design for Marriage, spiritual growth and discipleship

How How We Love principles are incorporated

Temperament therapy and How We Love principles are my main “Go To’s” to help married couples. These two tools inform everything else I address with couples.