About Dr. Heidi Summers
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Dr. Heidi Summers
Business name
Deepwaters Well-being Ministries
I'm a:
Pastoral Counselor
Years in formal practice
30+ years
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Fee and length of time
$110 per 50 minute session
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Trainings and/or Certifications

A Los Angeles native, Dr. Summers has spiritually and psychologically cared for others more than three decades. As a Board Certified Master Coach and Board Certified Christian Counselor, she embraces her passion to help others experience wellbeing and transformation, and flourish in the present: in all areas of life.

She earned a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary researching the intersection of Interpersonal Neurobiology and transformation (Romans 12:1,2 ). She is fortunate to have studied with the notable cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf in her masters program, and the pioneer of Interpersonal Neurobiology Dr. Daniel J. Siegel while in her masters and doctoral programs. A curious and perpetual student, she further continued studies on the mind/brain connection at Johns Hopkins University and University of Oxford. Motivated by an ongoing deep desire to see others heal and thrive, she is currently on a PhD journey into psychotraumatology at Regent University, researching more effective methods and modalities in the trauma field.

She is fortunate to have completed intensive workshop trainings with Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud, and received training from relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich in working with couples using Attachment Theory. She has been greatly influenced by and holds deep respect for Dr. David Augsburger and the late Dr. Arch Hart. In a word, she just feels fortunate.

Some specialties and issues we address

Partnering together can assist you in discovering the factors and behaviors that hinder your life, work, or relationships and contribute to stress, anxiety, and dysfunctional patterns. Together we can chart a path to think, feel, and choose differently, and create accountability to achieve all your goals and dreams!

How How We Love principles are incorporated

Attachment Theory and the principles of Milan and Kay’s ACPT have been integral in her own life and healing and are foundational to her practice.