Yoga Faith Leadership Weekend plus How We Love Relationship workshop

Carlsbad, CA

This Years Leadership Weekend is like no other! Great teaching from Yoga Faith Leaders on Saturday, Live worship by Mary James, and How we love relationship conference on Sunday! Purchase Leadership Weekend Now
We are so honored to have the author’s of How We Love with us for this special weekend.
Would you like to improve your marriage relationship significantly?
Learn and understand how your childhood affects your adult relationships for the good or not so good, and how to understand your spouses triggers so you can have a more healthy and nurturing marriage.
Normal price for the weekend is $499. Purchase before October 30th and you’ll get both days for $299!

How We Love Relationship Conference
Our most common reaction to this material is, “Why haven’t I ever heard this before?” We help individuals discover their love style (attachment style) and explain the predictable core patterns that occur when each partners love styles collide. Once a couple has a clear explanation for their predictable dance that causes the same problems to arise again and again, we then give a road map for growth and tools to end harmful patterns and create deeper intimacy in your marriage. This material all comes together at the end of the day when Milan and Kay works with a volunteer couple live on stage.


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Yes, it is valuable to attend as a single individual. Learning how your childhood shaped your love style and how that influences your current relationships will help you grow and have healthier relationships in the future.

I checked this date as I am interested in attending. Your website says this seminar in Carlsbad is on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2019. However, when it tied to put it in my calendar Feb. 3 is on a Sunday.
Marty Villa

Hello 😅 I am interested in attending the How We Love Conference in Carlsbad. I just read about yoga conference the day before and was wondering if you can register only for the HWL portion of the weekend

Thanks so much and God bless .

It will be a lot of couples but we love it when singles come. It will help you as a mom, it will increase your self awareness and help you understand anyone you might date. It will also help you with friends and family. You would register for just the Sunday session and in a post below the hosing group is charging 149. for that day for anyone who would like to come. Hope to see you there. Kay

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