How We Love Workshop

Carlsbad, CA

Our most common reaction to this material is, “Why haven’t I ever heard this before?” We help individuals discover their love style (attachment style) and explain the predictable core patterns that occur when each partners love styles collide. Once a couple has a clear explanation for their predictable dance that causes the same problems to arise again and again, we then give a road map for growth and tools to end harmful patterns and create deeper intimacy in your marriage. This material all comes together at the end of the day when Milan and Kay works with a volunteer couple live on stage.


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Yes, it is valuable to attend as a single individual. Learning how your childhood shaped your love style and how that influences your current relationships will help you grow and have healthier relationships in the future.

I checked this date as I am interested in attending. Your website says this seminar in Carlsbad is on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2019. However, when it tied to put it in my calendar Feb. 3 is on a Sunday.
Marty Villa

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