Mariners Church – MOPS

Mariners Church, Irvine

MOPS is a place for moms to find community, support, encouragement and relief. You can hear the collective sigh as mothers arrive having tackled all that it takes to get out the door with little ones in tow, as children are checked into classrooms with caring teachers, as moms greet each other and make their way to warm coffee and warm smiles. “Ahhh! We are here, we made it!”

For me MOPS has been a lifeline in the sometimes exhausting and tumultuous sea of motherhood – with my three boys (5, 3, and 1). It was other moms at MOPS that walked along side me as my middle child was diagnosed with autism, who brought my family meals as I had my third son, and who met me for a well deserved break with friends at our moms night out. A place to learn from dynamic speakers about parenting, marriage, faith and personal growth. A place to find deep friendships, be encouraged and to be authentic in my mom journey. A place where no mom is alone!

This year the theme is “Be you bravely!” We invite you you to join us as we find the courage to choose the extraordinary – to live deeply and pursue our dreams and our unique purpose. I love that this past year we have embraced the beautiful messes of our lives, let go of perfection and been open and vulnerable. We have shown out mess and survived, even been embraced! I’m so excited to go forward and discover more of what it means to live our lives bravely, to pursue all that God has for us even in this season of motherhood. C’mon be brave – let’s do this together at MOPS!

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