New Life Marriage Weekend

Orange County, CA

There is HOPE for your Marriage!

Is your marriage doing well? Do you want the tools to make it great? Is your marriage in crisis? Do you need to repair love that’s been broken? Whether you want to rejuvenate a good marriage; rescue a marriage in conflict; or restore a marriage broken from betrayal and infidelity, the New Life Marriage Weekend is for you. You will hear what destroys love. Learn how to re-define the husband and wife roles. And discover how to create comfort in your marriage and communicate on a deeper level than ever before.

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4 Responses to “New Life Marriage Weekend”

I am interested in this. My husband hasn’t tested yet but I believe he will. I am a Vacillator/Controller! With a tiny touch of victim! I have been desparate for us to have a good marriage and still hope for a great marriage. Maybe this will really be a source of help for us. How much is it? We will need to find a place to stay and I would like to start planning financially. 🙂 (Controller)

I am so thankful my son Ashley Reaume and his bride Miki refered me to your site and the quiz. It was spot on. Thank you.

I’m going to guess you had a difficult childhood. Learning to control you anger would be a good starting point for growth. The controller is angry due to non compliance where as the Vacillator gets angry over the lack of connection. The vacillator is an idealist and is often disappointed when their idealistic expectations for connection are not realized. For both styles, grief is blocked. Learning to grieve the childhood hurts will lower the threshold of anger. Blessings, kay

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