New Life Marriage Weekend – Online Workshop


New Life Marriage Weekend

Milan and Kay and Steve Arterburn will be speaking on intimacy. Between lectures, attendees will be broken into small groups with a therapist and several couples to process what they’ve learned as well as practice new skills. This can change your marriage. To sign up for the Zoom marriage intensive, go to

Is your marriage a dream or a nightmare? Do you feel fully known by your spouse? Do you know what true intimacy in marriage is supposed to be?

The Intimacy In Marriage Workshop examines the various types of intimacy – spiritual, emotional and physical – as well as the challenges of experiencing true intimacy. You and your spouse will discover and understand what is needed for healthy, whole and God-centered intimacy.

Don’t settle for a miserable marriage, or even one that’s just ok. It is possible to experience a new level of intimacy and have a great marriage!

For more information, please call: 800-639-5433 or click here.


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Can you please give us an idea what the cost would be to attend this Marriage weekend? Also, since we live in Denver, CO and would not need to stay at the Denver Marriott hotel in Westminister, would there be a different cost for us? Love your book, How We Love!

Thanks so much!
The Whites in Denver

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