How We Love Marriage Workshop

Clayton, NC

Our most common reaction to this material is, “Why haven’t I ever heard this before?” We help individuals discover their love style (attachment style) and explain the predictable core patterns that occur when each partners love styles collide. Once a couple has a clear explanation for their predictable dance that causes the same problems to arise again and again, we then give a road map for growth and tools to end harmful patterns and create deeper intimacy in your marriage. This material all comes together at the end of the day when Milan and Kay works with a volunteer couple live on stage.


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My husband and I are in crisis mode. I don’t even know if we can make it till March. We live in North Carolina. I heard you on focus on the family. Everything you said makes so much sense and I’ve actually been saying for years with nothing to really articulate it. Thank you.

Keep me posted on registration. Thank you.

We would like to register for the Clayton workshop but I see it’s “coming soon” … is there a good chance it will be taking place. We’ll be coming from Wheaton, IL. Please let me know, and thanks. Rick and Tammy Erickson (630) 414-5706


My husband and I would like to attend the conference in March at Clayton, NC. We live in Ohio but need your conference so am willing to drive. How can we register?

Thank you,
Debbie Albright

Good morning! I am looking forward to meeting and learning from both you this evening. We are members of C3 Church and have registered for the Forever Conference, which is my first EVER relationship conference.

I’ve read your book and found that I am definitely an Avoider while my girlfriend of two years is a Vacillator. It has been a rough two years. We love each other but we fight like cat and dogs. We are currently in a pretty bad place. We are not talking because of a “falling out” where hurtful things were said and assumptions were made. Going into this event tonight I am looking for something that can help us during this time where we may just be creating too much distance.

Should we stay together or is it worth going through? Is it as “simple” as knowing our differences and learning how to love and understand one another?

I’m excited, scared, hopeful, and unsure, but I’m coming with expectation that we will get some nugget that could turn it all around.

Thank you for agreeing to come to Clayton and we’ll see you TONIGHT!

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