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November 11, 2021: The Male Stargazers Guide to His Wife’s Sexual Galaxy


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The Male Stargazer’s Guide to His Wife’s Sexual Galaxy
Thursday November 11, 2021, 5:00-6:30 PM PST

Looking at marriage difficulties from the perspective of gender differences has become passe. Seventy years of scientific research in the attachment field has made it clear that the attachment or love styles discussed in How We Love are not about gender. All attachment styles react the same way in relationships whether they are male or female, so men and women are very much alike if they share a common love style.

The significant difference between the sexes lies in the hormonal composition of male and female. Sadly, unless you attended Mr. Yerkovich’s Life Science class at Montebello High School in the 1970s, no one really explained the biology that helps us understand the contrasts that exist, let alone how to lower the resulting sexual tension that exists between a husband and wife (I didn’t cover this last point in class). In this webinar we want to help you learn why sex is such a struggle and the process that will lower sexual frustration. Plan a field trip to Milan & Kay’s observatory as we gaze into your wife’s sexual galaxy.


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