Negotiating Desire Differences – October 2023


Over the decades, we’ve heard from thousands of couples who struggle sexually and throw their hands up in desperation. Kay and I have lectured extensively on the topic of sex and share the story of our own frustrations and the steps we took to grow into successful sexual fulfillment. Come join us as we get up close and personal. Send any sexual questions you would like answered by filling out our Contact Us form.

Join us October 11, at 5:00pm PT as we go over Negotiating Desire Differences. Even if you can’t make the live webinar, you’ll get access to the recording in your HWL account within 48 hours.



Why Is Satisfying Sex So Difficult to Achieve and Maintain? Webinar Series: Negotiating Desire Differences
Thursday October 11, 2023 at 5:00pm PT

Due to hormonal variations between men and women, there are natural differences in sexual frequency desires as well as dissimilar arousal responses. This can create strong tensions within a relationship including the cessation of sexual activity by one of the spouses. Join us as we share the keys to lessening this tension and working together toward greater sexual fulfillment and enjoyment.

  • Spontaneous arousal
  • Responsive arousal
  • Initiation / Declining
  • Challenges with aging
  • Frequency issues
  • Sexual obesity
  • Accepting hormonal differences