Learning to be Present – November 2023


Over the decades, we’ve heard from thousands of couples who struggle sexually and throw their hands up in desperation. Kay and I have lectured extensively on the topic of sex and share the story of our own frustrations and the steps we took to grow into successful sexual fulfillment. Come join us as we get up close and personal. Send any sexual questions you would like answered by filling out our Contact Us form.

Join us November 2, at 5:00pm PT as we go over Learning to be Present. Even if you can’t make the live webinar, you’ll get access to the recording in your HWL account within 48 hours.



Why Is Satisfying Sex So Difficult to Achieve and Maintain? Webinar Series: Learning to be Present
Thursday November 2, 2023 at 5:00pm PT

How mentally and relationally present are we during the activity of sex? Are we even aware of our partner’s presence or do we go off to another place in our heads? Some people go to a private fantasy, others are mentally writing their Costco list or planning their day. Learning to be present brings us into the reality of the other’s personhood and their value. Learning to be present is a sexual game changer.

  • Fantasy: Affairs emanate from the fallacious illusion that life is better elsewhere. People don’t envision lasting and irreparable damage.
  • Effects of abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual
  • Verbal and visual attunement in which sexual union is a warm expression of friendship as opposed to closed eyes and non-observant.
  • Learning to be thoughtful about the other person’s sexual experience. Am I living as a sexual user / taker where the other person is an object? Porn, masturbation is very self-focused, and fantasy based. It’s not reality, it’s pretend.
  • What’s permissible?