The Love Styles - Complete CD Set

The Love Styles – Complete Lecture Series (Audio CD)


Understand the people in your life.  Listen to an in-depth description of each style including their parenting styles and sexual propensities.  The Secure Connector CD will clarify the growth goals.

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Product Description

This is the most information we have anywhere about each love style!  In each of these five 50-70 minute audio lectures, Milan and Kay go beyond the material in “How We Love” and explore in-depth profiles of the Avoider,  Pleaser,  Vacillator,  Controller and the Victim. Included are parenting tendencies and and sexual propensities for each style. The CD on the secure connector clarifies the growth goals.

In this special BUNDLE, buy all four Love Styles Audio CDs and get the Secure Connector Audio CD free!

The Avoider Audio CD / Audio Download
The Pleaser Audio CD / Audio Download
The Vacillator Audio CD / Audio Download
The Controller & Victim Audio CD / Audio Download
Secure Connector Audio CD / Audio Download

You can also find the entire series as an Audio Download.

The Comfort Circle

In this class, you will learn “The Comfort Circle,” Milan and Kay’s tool for helping couples communicate in a meaningful, intimate way.

Audio Download / Bookmarks Single / 10 / 50