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Leaders Kit for Singles Small Group Curriculum

This Kit contains one  3 hour DVD, a comprehensive guide for the group leader, one Singles Group Member Kit (so you can preview what each member will have) and a comfort circle bookmark.

What’s the content covered?

We are excited to provide a small group curriculum for singles on the material in How We Love. There are 7 interactive group meeting which are 1 ½ hours in length.

  • Session 1: How Our Early Years Impact Adult Relationships
  • Session 2: The Love Styles of the Avoider and Pleaser
  • Session 3: The Love Styles of the Vacillator, Controller and Victim
    When Histories Collide in Adult Relationships
  • Session 4: Initial Attractions and Later Frustrations
  • Session 5: Growth Goals for Each Love Style
  • Session 6: The Secure Connector, Learning to Identify and Manage Triggers The Comfort Circle
  • Session 7: Session 7: Question and Answers

What will you need?

A.  SingleGroup Leader Kit. This kit contains one Leader Guide Book, the DVD of the three-hour workshop, one copy of the Group Member Kit and a Comfort Circle Bookmark. This will familiarize you with the overall study and what the participants will have for the study.
B. Singles Group Member Kits: 1 for each participant. Each Group Member Kit contains a 31 page Participant Syllabus Study Guide and Comfort Circle bookmark. These kits are available for purchase from Allow two weeks for ordering and shipping.

Decide How to Order Materials:

There are several options in purchasing group materials. Depending on who purchases what, the cost of the group will vary. Please understand that we respectfully ask you not to make your own copies of the Study Guide or Leader Guide, as these are copyrighted materials.

  • Option #1: As a leader, you can order the Singles Group Leader Kit and Group Member Kits for each member. You may wish to have group members split of the cost of all the materials, including the Group Leader Kit. If so, inform members of all costs before the group begins.
  • Option #2: As a leader, you may purchase the Group Leader Kit and have group members purchase their own Group Member Kit. Don’t forget to notify your group members three weeks ahead with instructions on ordering their Group Member Kit. If you wish to have group members split the cost of the Leader Kit, inform members of this cost before the group begins.

Participant Preparation
At least three weeks before the first session, contact your members with directions to the group, the schedule, and cost of the group. Inform members if you will be purchasing their Group Member Kits or instruct them how to purchase their own. Remind members it can take up to two weeks for shipping.

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