What are Study Groups?

How We Love Study Groups are a fully digital, group-oriented study system that can be easily run via Zoom or your preferred conferencing tools. These group-oriented meetings are designed around our streaming videos, along with discussion and skill building exercises.

Groups can be as small as two couples or as large as a dozen couples (or larger!), and are equally as valuable for single people as well as those in a relationship.

What are the benefits of a Study Group?

HWL Groups are designed to help you understand your love style in your marriage or dating relationship; or discover what went wrong in your previous relationships so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

How do I find and join a group?

Right now we don’t have an online tool for finding open, publicly available groups, but rest assured we’re working on that! Right now, anyone leading a group is responsible for inviting or advertising their study group however they see fit. This could be via a church or community posting, or they could be via direct invites.

If you don’t know of any groups, maybe consider starting your own! How We Love Study Groups are just as great with a group of close friends.

Can I do a group on my own?

Groups are really designed for more than an individual or a couple. If you want to follow along with a workshop on your own, we recommend buying the streaming video for that topic instead. Study Groups use the same streaming videos that are available for sale separately, while our groups include additional online features designed specifically for groups.

What do I need to start a Study Group?

To run a How We Love study group, you need the following.

  1. One Study Group Leader Kit (order here)
  2. A Study Group Participant Kit for each participant (order here)
  3. A copy of the book “How We Love” for each participant (order here)

Our core How We Love Study Group is designed for 9 sessions of approximately 60-90 minutes each (each consisting of one 30-40 minute video plus 30-60 minutes of group time). It’s perfect for couples, individuals (single or divorced), or groups both large and small. If time is short, more sessions can be added to reduce the time for each session.

Generally, each session involves:

  1. Watching a video
  2. Discussion
  3. Practice

What is the cost?

Leadership kits are priced about the same as buying a streaming video. However, there are several major improvements designed around groups, including the ability for your Participants to access the videos and supplementary materials on the site at a significantly reduced cost versus buying them.

Participant kits are about one third the cost of buying the materials separately. Participants buy their kits directly from the website and once they’ve linked their Participant Kit to their leader’s group, they will be able to access all group materials – including videos – online. Also note that couples only need ONE Participant Kit; there is no need to buy two!

Don’t forget: Each participant also needs a copy of the “How We Love” book (not included in either kit). Order them here →

How long do participants have access to videos?

Participants have access to the video materials only as long as the group is in progress. Once a Group Leader starts a group, Participants have full access to the related video materials until the group concludes.

What is the best way to run a group online?

To run a group online you are going to want to choose a video conferencing tool, like Zoom, Google Meet, or Apple Facetime. Once you’ve decided how (and when!) you want your group to connect, you can share your details on your group page.

As a group leader, your schedule and preferred methods of meeting are entirely up to you.

How do participants watch the videos?

All leader kits come with a Group Code that allows Participants to join.

Participants use this code to link their purchased Participant Kits to their leader’s group. Once linked, Participants will have access to the video resources as soon as the Leader selects the “Start Group” option from their Group Management page.