What is Love? And Who is my neighbor? (Part 4)

Last week we concluded that God remembers our wounded histories… their not forgotten.  They are dealt with through the Cross of Christ, the repairing of the relational rupture with God caused by Adam and our own sin.

But what about the lingering emotional wounds from our biological family of origin as well as other relational hurts?

How are these wounds repaired?

Spiritual healthiness occurs when we are living within a continuity of history … a personal history always remembered… i.e. a life in context.   None of are without a historical context… yet… we are quick to forget it and live in the present as though the past does not exist.  When this happens, our history manages us, whether we want it to or not. When Steven was persecuted by the religious leaders, he recites Israel’s History and condemns those who crucified its Messiah.  He is subsequently stoned to death.  A Pharisee named Saul held the coats of the killers… he later repented… we now know him as Apostle Paul.

We need a new Family of Origin, a healthy local church… a local body of Christ.  It’s not optional. It’s a new FOO with a fresh start, where we can grow up developmentally… all over again.

  • The Cross:  Jesus’ Good Samarian act to us.
  • Born again:  John 3
  • Newborn: I Peter 2:2
  • Child: Ephesians 4, I John 2
  • Young Man: I John 2
  • Father in the faith: I John 2

In order to successfully develop & grow from baby to father, we need to do the “one anothers” of scripture:

  • Love & serve one another Gal. 5:13, Heb. 13:1
  • Use your spiritual giftedness to serve one another Romans 12:4-8.
  • Encourage one another I Thess. 5:11; Heb. 3:13
  • Comfort one another II Cor. 1
  • Bear one another’s burdens Gal. 6:2
  • Confess sin & pray for one another James 5:16

In order to do these, someone must display a need, show their wounds and ask for help.

Unlike God, we cannot read each other’s minds, so then only way we can learn what is in each other’s souls, is for us to risk and expose our non obvious wounds. The number of people with obvious hurts, lying on the road are comparatively few. The number of people with non obvious hurts, hiding in the bushes by the side of the road are everyone.

When we allow ourselves to cultivate self awareness, risk engagement, speak truthfully,   and expose non obvious wounds, we can then experience God’s design of being listened to and our emotional, relational, spiritual and physical needs met by others within our new family. It is here we can heal


Milan & Kay