Upcoming Local How We Love Workshop

Kay and I have the privilege of speaking all over the country, so when we plan a How We Love workshop here at home, we are really excited. It is fun to be with the friends and family as well as invited guests who are passionately interested in strengthening their marriages or discovering what may have gone wrong in the last romantic relationship. Life is difficult and when we enter into relationship, it becomes harder. Yet as Kay and I have learned, it is possible to have a wonderful and fulfilling marriage which can come if the right kind of work is done.

If you are not convinced as to whether or not you should come to our next How We Love workshop, go on line and read our How We Love book reviews on Amazon. Almost 100 review, with some of the most breathtaking testimonies imaginable. As you know, I tend to under sell myself, so if you are not convinced about whether or not to invest 6 hours into our workshop, let the voices of others give you a nudge.

How We Love Workshop
Relationship 180 is hosting our How We Love Seminar with Milan and Kay Yerkovich on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo.

Join Milan and Kay Yerkovich, authors of the book “How We Love” for a unique and proven approach to healthy relationships.

Simply go to our website: www.relationship180.com for details and to register.

We would love to have you join us!

Please see our website for future offerings: How We Love Our Kids, and Therapist Continuing Education.

Hope to see you for our only local Relationship180 sponsored How We Love workshop in 2013. If you are willing, please forward the info to your e-mails lists. Thanks!
Love and blessings,