Understanding Temperament : The Sensory and Intuitive

Understanding Temperament :  The Sensory and Intuitive

Here’s more information on temperaments from, Please Understand Me, by Keirsey and Bates.  There is a short test in the beginning of the book to discover your temperament.  It’s a great book to have in your library.   (You can order this book from Amazon.com – see below for the link to this incredible book.

First let me explain the next two categories. These two groups describe how you gather information.  Some people naturally prefer to use their five senses.  They are very observant and take in information through sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

Intuitives, on the other hand, like to deal with intangibles; what can be imagined, created, designed and invented.  They take in information in a more abstract way and see patterns, connections and how things fit together.  At times they know somethingwithout knowing how they know.  Often they are right.

SENSORY [S] About 65-70% population

  • Lives in the present enjoying what is there.
  • Likes to deal with what is real and concrete.  What can be observed, heard and touched.
  • Likes sequential thinking… numbers, facts, details, instructions from start to finish.
  • Live in the present and are by nature pleasure lovers and consumers.  They are in general,  content.
  • They observe at the expense of imagination.
  • They desire to handle practical matters.
  • When conversing, they give specific information or answers, and end sentences with a period.  That’s it!
  • Will correct details if they are wrong.
  • Usually on time and likes to set procedures and established outlines.


INTUITIVE [N] About 30-35% of population

  • Lives toward future, anticipating what may be.
  • Likes to deal with intangibles; what can be imagined, created, designed and invented.
  • Likes to follow hunches & inspiration looking for meaning and patterns.  May jump in anywhere, leaping over steps.
  • They live for the future and are by nature initiators and promoters.  They are generally restless.
  • They are imaginative at the expense of observation.
  • They desire opportunities and possibilities.
  •  When conversing, they give general information or answers and end sentences with “…… ” (open ended).  More to come!
  • Could care less about details.
  • Likes change and variety. Is often a poor judge of passing of time… may be late.

Next week we will talk about how these two styles clash in marriage.

Milan and Kay

Here is the link to Amazon.com to order this GREAT book!!!