Two Weekends in the Emergency Room

Dear family and friends,

We want to share why it has been a few weeks since you have heard from us.  We spent the last two weeks in the emergency room. Two weekends ago we were on a family camping trip near Santa Barbara and our adult son, John, fell and broke his jaw.  He ended up in the emergency room in Goleta and required surgery.  He is wired shut for six weeks and on a liquid diet… poor guy.  It’s hard to fill up a 6’5” guy on liquids!

Then last weekend Milan felt really crummy on a bike ride and came back home.  His symptoms, achy chest, cold sweat did not subside so he ended up in the emergency room.  Within an hour he was diagnosed as having a heart attack and was in the cath lab getting stents… turns out the stents may not have been necessary as they now think it was a blood clot that caused the blockage.  Best guess is it came from the mitral valve that he had repaired four years ago.  He is on blood thinners now to prevent further clots.  We are grateful for a good outcome for John and Milan and praise God we live in America and have access to such good health care.  We are doing well….a bit tired but in good spirits.  We are speaking next week in Danville California in the Bay Area on How We Love Our Kids.  If you live nearby, come and join us.

What’s coming in the future?

We are going to talk about similarities and differences between the styles. These posts well help you further clarify your style.   Following that we are going to start some blog posts on the secure connector…what are the traits of a secure connector?  We will have you rate yourself on these traits and use them as goals for growth.  We are also working on a new worksheet to help you get around the comfort circle.  So keep your heads up for that helpful tool in the weeks ahead. Today we are enjoying a very boring weekend and loving it!

Love and appreciate you all… Keep growing. 

Love, Kay