Travels in Proverbs – Week Two

Travels in Proverbs – Week Two

Milan’s surgery was a SUCCESS!!! Read all about it at: Milan’s Surgery Update

During the next four weeks, we are going to focus on four great verses out of the book of Proverbs.

One verse per week.

Many verses in Proverbs are tid-bits of wisdom; “reminders” or “perspective setters” nudging us to move out of our compliancy and bad habits.

When Is The Last Time You Asked a Good Question  ?

Proverbs 18:  A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions.

Milan and I are always amazed at how few people are good listeners.

Have you ever met a new person and listened to a monologue of their life, opinions, interests, and stories.

On and on they go and at the end of an hour you have not been asked a single question.

I went with Milan yesterday up to UCLA.  He had an appointment to give blood before his surgery.  We entered the waiting room and there was a counter with juices, coffee, teas and cookies which were provided for the blood donors after they made their offering.  A volunteer sat next to the treats.  Apparently it was her job to hand them out and most people entering the room gravitated toward the goodies and sat on that side of the room.

This dark haired assistant was a very intelligent, VERY extroverted woman who offered a magazine to newcomers and as soon as they settled in to reading, she interrupted anyone sitting near her and launched into some subject that clearly revealed how well read she was and what a great vocabulary she had.  Her listeners (she roped in five in the 45 minutes I waited) all said the same things… “Oh really?”  “That’s interesting.” “I didn’t know that.”  “Uhh Huh.”   Never once did she ask a question or try to find out what her listeners thought or what interested them.  I assessed the length of her rope and moved across the waiting rooms past her lasso range so I could continue reading a great article I was enjoying.

How well do you seek to understand?

You cannot do it without learning to ask some good questions.

Now questions can have a good or bad connotation to you depending on the home you grew up in.

Think about what questions meant in your family.

Were they about understand and clarifying?

Were they entrapping?

Were they leading?

Did they mean you were in trouble?

If questions most often had a negative slant and made you feel uneasy, you might be reactive when you are asked a question, or perhaps you refrain from asking others questions.

What we are after here is learning to ask good questions that take an interest in others and help someone feel valuable and worth listening too.

Try a few of these.

What was the best part of your day?

What was the most boring part of your day?

What was the best thing that happened in your day?

If you could be greatly accomplished or skilled at one thing what would it be?

Who was your favorite teacher and what about he or she made them your favorite?

You get the point.  Find out more.  Learn to ask great questions.

Love and blessings,


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