Tips to Survive Holiday Struggles!


We have decided to do something new an different for these last two weeks leading up to Christmas. Starting next Monday 12/17, we will send out a daily Tweet giving one of the Love Styles a practical tip to help with the relational struggles that can be associated with the Holidays.  SO… if you want to get these practical tips you will need to follow us on Twitter.  Our Twitter User ID is @MilanandKay.  You can also view all of the tips on our Facebook page How We Love. Let us know if these tips help you to navigate the Holidays in a more securely connected way!

Monday – Avoiders

Tuesday – Pleasers

Wednesday – Vacillators

Thursday – Victims

Friday – Controllers

We are also excited to announce that our Focus on the Family Broadcast, “Deepening the Connection with your Spouse” made the best of 2012 series.  Therefore, it will be reairing on Focus on the Family on December 17 & 18th.  Live streaming audio will be available on on those dates.