Tips to help navigate the Holiday struggles!

We have heard from many of you that you do not have Twitter or Facebook so we have decided to put the tips on the website as well.  We will add to this post everyday to cover all of the Love Styles. We pray that you are enjoying this Holiday Season and taking time to love and connect with those around you.

Tip # 1: for the Avoider:  Learn to feel…black and white to color. Jesus came to earth because he feels love and desire.  Ask Him to wake you up.

Tip #2: for the Pleaser: Pleaser season givinggivinggiving. Stop, quiet, look and listen. What can you receive?

Tip #3: for the Vacillator: No idyllic Christmas. Just real. Jesus’ birth was messy not ideal.  Let the season be good and bad.

Tip #4: for the Controller: Holidays can be reminders of painful childhood times. Redo. Make this christmas something “little you” can enjoy.

We are also on Focus on the Family today and tomorrow. You can listen to the streaming video at

Check back tomorow for a Holiday tip for all the Controllers.

Blessings to you and all your family and loved ones!