TBN – Rescheduled

Hi all!

Just a quick note to let you know that the TBN show did not air today as planned and has been rescheduled to air on April 12.

As soon as it airs we will post a link on the website!


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After listening to your show on Focus on the Family, I realized for the first time why I am so angry and never knew it was from experienceing abandonment even as an infant. It was a real answer to prayer and has helped me understand myself better. In your blog comparing vascillators and pleasers you mentioned something about soul words. What exactly are they and how does one use them to help?

Hi Heather, The soul words list is in both books. We will have a copy available on our site as free download soon. Knowing how we feel is important because feelings link to needs. If we don’t know what we feel, we won’t know what we need. A secure attachment means we feel safe to share (or hear) feelings of distress with another person and we are confident we won’t be rejected or dismissed. Many of us did not have this experience growing up. First need to become that safe person by looking at the wounds underneath people’s irritating behavior. Many times reactive, hurtful behavior has a wound sitting underneath it. For example; someone over reacts to departures because of abandonment in their past…but the focus becomes the reaction rather than the wound that needs comforting. Using the soul words lists helps get to the more vulnerable feelings underneath the reaction. Thanks for sharing your journey. Kay

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