Seeing the Should of Your Spouse

Seeing the Soul of Your Spouse

Grant us the profound experience of seeing into each other’s souls.

This is a prayer Milan and I have prayed for you.

How do you know when some one has seen into your soul?

It all begins with a choice to be vulnerable.

It’s letting go of blame and owing the brokenness inside you.

It feels like inviting your spouse into a secret chamber of dark secrets and pain inside you where no one else has ever been before.  It’s finding loving eyes looking into a place of shame within you.   It’s finding out your pain isn’t “too much” to handle after all.

It’s being held while you let tears wash away buried heartaches.

It’s someone knowing all of you and loving you anyway.

It’s being naked and not ashamed.

How do you see into your spouse’s soul?

Pray for God to reveal the hidden thing.

Make it safe for your partner to be the broken person they are.

Show a curiosity about all that is inside your spouse so you can know them deeply and be a healer of their childhood wounds comforting the uncomforted pain.

Offer to hold them and meet their shame and pain with love, tenderness and acceptance.

Be careful to never use their secrets or pain as a weapon.

Make eye contact and say “I love you” with your eyes.


Milan and Kay

Next week:  The last line of the prayer Milan and I pray for you