Recovering from an Affair 13/13

“When to call it quits and stop trying?”

When Jesus was asked by the Pharisees “Why did Moses command to give her a certificate and divorce her?’ He said to them ‘Because of your hardness of heart, Moses permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it has not been this way. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another, commits adultery (Matthew 19:7-9).’”

As I tell many people in my office who have been victims of an affair where there has been physical sexual immorality committed against them, they do have a biblical right to divorce and remarry. I urge them to not exercise this option before trying to rebuild the broken relationship. A restored relationship is a beautiful thing.

Yet, if sincere and earnest attempts have been made to reconcile in the presence of a good couple’s counselor and there is still a hardness of heart on the part of the one who committed adultery, then sometimes it is time to call it quits and exercise the divorce option.

“If I do divorce, do I have a biblical right to remarry?”

Instead of me trying to answer this question in a few lines here, please take a look at my other website, browse around and learn more about my counseling and teaching ministry. While on the home page, click on What We Do / Relationship Resources / Teaching Library / and you can access the PDF file entitled Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage and hear my understanding of the scriptures on this topic.

This has been a difficult series, and yes, I am not superstitious and quite comfortable with stopping on week thirteen. Yet I’m sure many of you feel your marriage is jinxed. Trust me it’s not. Many of us simply suffer from the ravages of living under the curse in a fallen world. Nothing works right. Yet, if Kay and I didn’t believe there was hope for improved and happy relationships, we wouldn’t be doing our work.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of trying something new and different that could make a difference. Why not come to our next How We Love conference in a few weeks and learn a new and different way? The information is listed in the announcements below, and all are welcome to come… no matter how many marriages or broken relationships you’ve had, we hope you join us.

Love to you amidst the painfulness of life,

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Milan & Kay