Perspective 4: Is God Making You Tough or Tender?

Jesus was tender, compassionate and loving but his gentleness was balanced by resilience, prowess and fortitude.

He cried with Mary and Martha and overturned tables in the temple.

He wept over Jerusalem and reviled the Pharisees calling them a brood of vipers.

He was affectionate and warm toward children yet tough enough to accept the agony of the cross.

Many of us by temperament and training lean to one side or the other.

We are soft and sensitive avoiding risk, danger or confrontation.

We want a hall pass exempting us from having to see and respond to the harsh realities of evil.

Some of us are direct, bold and courageous but with an audacious, brass edge that leaves others stunned and offended.

We are being made into the image of Christ, tough and tender.

Which way do you need to travel to become a mix of both?

Do you need to soften the boldness and learn to listen instead of directing? Perhaps you need to need to stop shielding your eyes when the news is reminding you of suffering and starvation so many in the world endure daily. Notice today opportunities God gives you to move you toward the middle so your love can be both tough and tender.

Thanks for listening,

Love and Blessings,

Milan & Kay