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Focus on the Family Broadcast

Focus on the Family Broadcast We are excited to announce that Milan and Kay will have a two day Focus on the Family broadcast titled, “Discovering Your Love Style”. It is scheduled to air Thursday, July 7, and Friday, July 8, 2016. Please note, however, the air schedule is subject to change. On the scheduled […]

Therapist Training

Therapist Training Mission Viejo, CA Therapist Continuing Education: “Working with Couples Using Attachment Theory” with Milan and Kay Yerkovich: Friday, July 29, 2016 6 CE Credits This six hour course equips Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Interns and students to utilize Attachment Theory as a framework for couples’ therapy. Presenting issues […]

Mercy In Your Marriage

Mercy in Your Marriage Seminar with Milan and Kay Yerkovich Do you want to improve your family and work relationships? Are you wasting time in needless conflict? Do you find yourself overreacting to stress at work and in your home? Do you feel like your kids are constantly pushing your buttons? We all have relationship […]

Holding Time – Week 7

Holding Time: Exercise #4 Holder: Hold your spouse until you are both relaxed and your breathing is in sync. Ask your spouse to share a difficult childhood memory. (Avoiders: this may be more about what you missed than a traumatic event). Ask your spouse to share three feelings about this memory. Don’t fix or problem […]

Holding Time – Week 6

Holding Time: Exercise # 3 Holder: Hold your spouse until you are both relaxed and your breathing is in sync. Ask your spouse to describe a current stressor. Ask them to pick three words off the list of Soul Words to describe how that stressor makes them feel. Listen and empathize. Don’t fix or problem […]

Holding Time – Week 5

Holding Time: Exercise #2 Favorite Memories Holder: Hold your spouse until you are both relaxed and your breathing is in sync. Then make eye contact by asking your spouse to look into your eyes. Share a positive, special memory with your spouse that has meaning for you. Be aware and try to communicate as much […]

Holding Time – Part 4

Holding Time Part 4 Here are some specific ways to try a holding. Our advice is to make a clear distinction between holding and sex. We all need nurturing, comforting touch that isn’t sexual. Learn to communicate directly as a couple and make it clear when you want to give or receive touch that is […]

The Big Picture – Bible Study

For those of you that don’t know, my dad, Milan Yerkovich, is a gifted Bible Teacher. With all the amazing work my parents are doing with Counseling, Marriage/Parenting Speaking Engagements & Radio, daddy’s Bible classes have been harder to squeeze in. We have been begging dad to teach again. (Steve and I last took this […]

Holding Time – Part 3

Holding Time for Vacillators Since a vacillator longs for connection you might think they would be excited about holding time. Since Vacillators want connection without being vulnerable it can feel like a risky proposition. What if I like it and my spouse never offers again? What if I feel too exposed? Asking directly for what […]