Our Prayer for You

Here is the last line of the prayer Milan and I pray for you.

Encourage us along the way when we are tired and weary and want to give up.  Show us glimpses of the redemptive power of love and teach us to sing a new song as we change how we love.  Amen. 

Marriage exposes all of us.

We can hide from the world but we cannot hide from our spouse and kids.

They see the whole package.

This is why marriage is such a challenge.

We all have moments of hopelessness and despair.  We need courage to keep going but we need to go in the right direction which is always: You changing yourself.

We often say, “Pick your pain”.

It’s painful to grow and it’s painful to be stuck in problems.  So, pick the productive pain and grow.  That’s why we wrote the book to give you a pathway that moves you toward health regardless of what other people in your life choose.

God is a God who redeems and restores.

May you experience His love for you this day.


Milan and Kay