Newsletter – June 8

Dear How We Lovers,

Thank you for your amazing feedback and great ideas. Please continue to give us your input about your joys and frustrations with our website. Because of your input, we are building a new web site from the ground floor up and incorporating many of your suggestions.
• Some of you spoke of difficulties taking the quiz and getting the results in a more clear and concise manner. We are doing just that.
• As you may know, our book was published in Mandarin a few years ago. Some of our bi-lingual friends teach How We Love in English and Mandarin, both stateside and in Taiwan, so they suggested a mandarin version of the quiz. What a great idea. I have no idea how easy or hard that would be, but we will explore it.
• Speaking of foreign expansion, Kay and I did a Webinar on How We Love our Kids to Russian families who have adopted or fostering. They have inquired to Penguin / Random House about purchasing the rights to publish in Russian. Wow! We stand amazed at how far and wide our book has circulated. Love style quiz in Russian? You never know.
• Because the “attachment” experience is universal, no matter the background, we all had experiences in our family of origin that shaped our thoughts and feelings when we draw near to others. We will either know what these unseen forces are and how to grow out of them or they will continue to drive the bus for the rest of our lives. Fortunately, the Comfort Circle is the path toward relational improvements and greater love.
• Remember to order our six hour How We Love workshop we filmed in Fullerton, CA two years ago. Only $99.99 and it will give you new insights as well as skills that will strengthen you. It is on the home page at

We would love to hear from you. Send us your ideas for topics and new directions. Thanks for listening.

Until next week,

Milan & Kay