NEW SERIES! – Turning Stress into Opportunities for Emotional Connection

How do you respond when family members, friends or co-workers are stressed? How do others react to you when you are stressed?

Learning to manage difficult emotions is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships. In this three hour workshop, Milan and Kay discuss how we can better identify stress responses in ourselves, and others, and recognize how these moments provide opportunities for emotional connection. We often don’t feel very loving when we are stressed. Stress signals a need for connection to help deal with challenging emotions but each attachment love style manages stress in ways that result in disconnection. In addition, we often attempt to get relief from stress in non-relational ways, like eating, drinking, shopping, online gaming and many others. In fact, all addictions are attempts to get relief from unwanted feelings.

Milan and Kay teach us how relationships can offer relief and discuss ways to connect rather than react. On this DVD, a volunteer couple from the audience practices the comfort circle. Amber identifies what is currently most stressful to her and Dave listens using a listener guide available in the syllabus. This practical demonstration will teach you how to listen rather than react.

This DVD can be used in a five week small group study. It can also be used as training for businesses or church staffs. A syllabus and discussion questions for each of the five segments are included in the purchase price.

This series can be purchased in DVD, CD or audio download format. For a limited time, all three products are offered at an introductory price.
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