New How We Love Developments

Dear How We Lovers,

Kay and I wanted to reach out to say hello and share with you all the new developments at How We Love. Our team is excited, and we hope you will be also.
• The creation of a new web site that we hope will serve you better. It should be up and running this summer.
• All products will be available in streaming format. Listen or watch any time anywhere on any device.
• We are recording a new church How We Love discipleship program that will help churches stem the tide of divorce. It will be launched this Fall.
• A fifteen-hour marriage intensive led my Kay and Milan. Enter our office and watch us use Attachment Core Pattern Therapy with a couple who had been stuck in their core pattern. Available this Summer.
• How We love our Kids workshop with a trauma, foster, adoption emphasis. Coming this summer.
• A brief weekly newsletter.
• A weekly podcast by Milan and Kay discussing current relational challenges and the solutions to create safer relationships.
• A monthly webinar that will address issues with greater depth. There will also be time for a Q&A at the end.
• Speaking of streaming, take advantage of our six hour How We Love workshop featured on the home page at For $99.00 you will get an overview of the scientifically researched field of attachment, how our early experiences remain with us effecting our adult relationships, and how to create something new and inviting.

We would love to hear from you. Send us your ideas for topics and directions. Thanks for listening.

Until next week,

Milan & Kay


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Milan & Kay,

Hope you still remember us, Tu-Ting Cheng & Delfine Cheng. We’ve used the HWL materials since 2013 in the family ministry. It has always been very well received and helpful to many families.

We’ve converted the material into Chinese (slides) for the Chinese speaking audience in the Bay Area. Since 2018, we started long stays in Taiwan, since then the materials have been used and the HWL book (Chinese verision) has been introduced to folks here in Taiwan.

Congratulation for the new development of the content. I wonder if there is plan to be multi-lingual? Since I often refer people to the web site to take the quiz, it is difficult for the non-English speaking people.



Hello Tu-Ting, (Ni How)
Wonderful to hear from you and thank you for your great work in Taiwan and Bay Area. I agree with you that the love style quiz in several key languages is an excellent idea. I will discuss it with our web designer.
Again thank you,
Love and blessings,

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