Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In response to last week’s newsletter, here is a wonderful idea from one of the readers regarding love, romance and emotional intimacy.

“Hello Milan and Kay,

I have a wonderful gift idea.  First of all, my husband and I have had years of reacting to each other and have used different tools to help us grow.  The best thing I have done was on my 55th birthday;  I suggested to my husband that from now on we sleep naked.  This was after I showered and stood naked.  By the way, this is not my usual style.  I look good, but for several years have not thought I did.  It has been two months and we’re able to give and receive from each other and look at each other the other 16 hrs in accepting ways like never before.  I feel so deeply loved and I know that my husband does too. We’ve stopped reacting negatively and give grace instead.  I discerned that we needed the gift of comfort.  Wow, what a difference.  By the way, he is an avoider and I’m a victim. (recovering!)  It is also so much more natural to make love than before which is a huge plus.”  

Wow, what a fun idea, I love the boldness, creativity and willingness to try something new. Risk and vulnerability were at the very heart of her new way of loving her husband.  Whether the clothes are on or off, it’s all about emotional transparency, “…and they were both naked and not ashamed (Genesis 2:25).”

As promised, here are the last five ideas from:

Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

6.  As you are walking with your spouse or window shopping, pay attention to something they respond to and indicate that they really like.  Later, call the location, put it on hold, find out the item’s availability and give it to them on the next special gift-giving day.   The time delay combined with attentiveness and thoughtfulness will blow them away.

7.  Draw a bath for your spouse (no, not with a pencil and paper) and tell your spouse that you are “taking over” and that they can rest for a while.  When they go to the bath, candles are lit, music is on, and next to the tub is their favorite book or magazine with their favorite beverage and a cheese and fruit plate.

8.  Have a renewal of your wedding vows on a special anniversary.  This is especially significant if you have successfully navigated a difficult passage within your relationship.  This can be done as a surprise to your spouse during a regularly planned vacation or more formally with friends and family during a specially planned ceremony at a church or outdoor setting.

9.  Buy a hammock and install it in the back yard.  On a warm summer night, grill a dinner for two and after desert, lie on the hammock and drink coffee or tea and share about life together.

10.  Send your spouse an invitation / gift certificate to the “Master Bedroom Day Spa” and when they arrive, announce that you are their private masseuse for the afternoon or evening. Instruct them to take a leisurely shower or bath and that rubbing lotions and oils await them and that you will be at their beckon call.     

Certain holidays really create pressure within us.  We get performance anxiety and really feel panicky.  It is important on a day like this to not forget it, yet also relax and minimize the stress associated with it.  It’s little stuff.  Loving the person enough to remember what’s important to them, Somehow making them feel special.

It doesn’t matter what love style you are, this will work with them all.


Milan & Kay

P.S.  If you have any fun romantic dates and ideas, e-mail them to us and we’ll put the top ones in an upcoming newsletter.