Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

“I can finally relax now that Christmas is over.”
“I hate to make decisions, worry about money, and figure out where to buy it! 
“Phew… it’s over.”
“I can take a break and chill.”  
“What day is it?  Isn’t ground hog day sometime soon?”
“Oh, it already happened on February 2nd.  I wonder whoever came up with the name Punxsutawney Phil for a goofy looking animal?”
“What’s up with the top hats and tuxedos?”
“Give me a break!  A ground hog whispers in a man’s ear how long ‘til spring?”  
“Some people!  It’s 80 degrees in California, who cares how long winter lasts!”

“Wait a minute, FEBRUARY?  Oh no!  That means VALENTINES DAY!” 

“(Panic) When is it? …I hope I didn’t miss it!  Phew, the 14th!  I’ve got time.” 
“What am I going to do (more panic)? 
“I hate to make decisions, worry about money, and figure out where to buy it!

Feel familiar?  Certain holidays really create pressure within us.  We get performance anxiety and really feel panicky.  It is important on a day like this to not forget it, yet, also relax and minimize the stress associated with it.
Especially in this economic recession, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple.  Large amounts are not necessary.  Purchase two to three items that are special and give them together as a gift package.
  • Men: Costco has the best price on roses.  Be sure to figure out ahead of time what color your wife likes the best.
  • Women: Get him some small personal item such as a picture of the two of you.
  • Cards:  Forget the card section at the store and find a nice piece of paper and write on it 5 things you “like’ about your spouse.  (The word “love” is overused.)
  • Instead of the candy store and a ten pound box, just buy a few of his or her favorite pieces.

“But I’m divorced or single and I hate Valentine’s Day!”  Since it is better to give than to receive, make a basket for three of your best female and male friends and drop them off as a surprise. Expect nothing is return and enjoy having fun and delighting people.

Finally, read through the following list and find ideas for having fun together.  We’ll give you five ideas this week and five next week.

Milan and Kay’s 10 Romantic Dates & Ideas

1.  I approached the house and saw a note taped to the front door.  It said to follow the clues to find a surprise.  Each of the clues lead me all around the house with one of the clues being taped to the tummy of the dog which I discovered when I was told in clue #6 to tell Heidi to “roll over”. At the end of the 10 clues, I found Kay hiding in the closet with a present wrapped for Valentine’s Day. Use your imagination… what other surprises could be in the closet?

2.  On Valentine’s Day, instead of fighting the crowds at a restaurant tell your wife that you have something special for her.  So, send her out to do something fun in the afternoon, and when she returns, she will discover a fire in the fireplace, pillows and blankets, a glass of wine or sparkling juice, a prepared dinner (take out is OK too) , music, soft lights and no kids.  Have a slow and leisurely evening.

3.  Reenact your first date or dates.  If possible, drive to where you first met and go to the old neighborhoods, tell stories, visit the restaurants, schools, theatres and favorite things to do.  Go to the church where you were married, perhaps even stay at the hotel where you stayed after the ceremony.  Tell old stories and laugh a lot. 

4.  Plan a weekend trip and have your best couple friend s surprise her by being at the destination.

5.  Have a gourmet picnic on the beach or in a picturesque park or outdoor venue.  If you are not a good cook, have someone (not your mom) help you make one.  Take the one or two books that are on your wife’s nightstand, and ask her to read or tell you what is meaningful to her.  Be sure to take blankets and pillows.

It’s little stuff.  Loving the person enough to remember what’s important to them.  What colors they like and what things they don’t care for. Somehow making them special.

It doesn’t matter what love style you are, this will work with them all.

Happy Valentines Day!


Milan & Kay

P.S.  If you have any fun romantic dates and ideas, e-mail them to us and we’ll put the top ones in next week’s newsletter.