Men and Holding Time

Men and Holding Time

This month we are talking about holding time.

We had some interesting responses from our readers.

Readers talked about how holding time is hard for men, especially
when they are the receivers.

Some men learned from their homes growing up that it is wrong to show emotions or ask for help.

In addition,  a lot of us women give men a double message.

We want our husbands (or the men we are dating) to be close, vulnerable and willing to share their inner self.

At the same time, we also want our men to be strong leaders, providers and care takers…… in other words, “don’t be weak.”

Let’s think about Jesus for a moment.

He is strong and vulnerable.

Jesus healed, provided, shared his thoughts and feelings
and was definitely a leader.

Even though he knew before hand that it was His purpose to come into the world and die for us on the cross, as a human, he struggled when the time came.

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked for his three closest disciples to watch and pray with him.

He told his friends he was distressed and in agony.

He lay prostrate with his face to the ground.

He wept.

He groaned with loud crying and tears.

Now we know his friends fell asleep, but even so, the God of the universe showed his inner turmoil and asked for help,

It’s truly an amazing if you contemplate what happened in that Garden.

Men need encouragement that it is OK to be human.

It’s OK to be like Jesus and ask for support.

It’s OK to groan and cry out when life is overwhelming.

Women tell your man that they can be both strong and weak.

Helpers and receivers.

Tell your man you want to nurture him.

Tell him you want to make a safe place for him to be human.

Ask him to lay his head in your lap and pray for him.

Let me know how it goes.

I really want your feedback.

Until then…. God Bless and keep growing.

Blessings, Kay