“It’s good to be back!”

“It’s good to be back!”

Hello Everyone, Milan here.

It is good to be back with you again.

My 5-6 day hospital stay ended up being 18 days.

And instead of one surgery I had two.

I feel like Gilligan’s Island, it was supposed to be “a three hour tour… a three hour tour.”

The mitral valve repair on June 18th was a great success.

No more leaks and my heart is beating the smoothest it has been is many years.

I am grateful to Dr. Laks and his team at UCLA for an opportunity to have a new lease on life.

A secondary problem developed on day 8-10, in which the sack around my heart (pericardium) filled with fluid and my body began to shut down. This condition is called cardiac tampanade   and is always fatal unless diagnosed and treated quickly.

Kay could see me declining and was frustrated when the staff kept saying that I was OK.  She knew I was not. I hadn’t eaten in 2 days and was sleeping constantly.  Finally after a lot of loud protest from Kay all day Saturday the 28th of June, a doctor walked in the room at 5 PM and within 45 seconds determined that I should be rushed to surgery to drain the fluid build up.

They ended up taking out 1.8 litres of fluid (1/2 gallon) and the doctor said that had my heart not been so strong, I might not have made it. Within 24 hours, I was eating and cracking jokes and visiting with family and friends.

I was finally released from the hospital on July 5th and it was wonderful to feel the sunshine and sit in my own backyard with friends and family.  My biggest challenge the first week was getting the child-proof lids off of all my prescriptions.  I was so weak that they ended up being Milan proof as well.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you impressions, thoughts and feelings from this ordeal.  Kay, the kids and I have weathered so much, and the lessons are many.  I will look forward to sharing them with you in weeks to come.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support during our journey.  We could not have done it without you.

Love & Blessings,
Milan & Kay